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July 2015

London based singer-songwriter and fashion designer I Am Harlequin, whose real name is Anne Freier, maybe one of the most ambitious new young artist around. The German-born multidisciplinary artist has been gaining massive support from music tastemakers across the UK after her first released, Wild One, which showcased her powerful voice and abilities to write lyrics with an equally powerful emotional punch.

One look at Lael Neale and it’s difficult not to compare her to a young Michelle Phillips, who on the peak of her fame embodied the dreamy spirit of the 60s in Los Angeles. Lael, too, has us California dreamin’. Although Lael was raised in Virginia, she now calls Los Angeles her home. And with her effortlessly cool, model-like looks and the breezy romantic music she writes and composes, she exemplifies the vibes of the always-sunny city of angels with ease. She makes it too easy to fall for her.