Alexander McQueen’s  take on 18th century Indian aesthetics is sheer gold. The collection is a direct take on the high class British Empire that once ruled over one of the most culturally rich nations on earth.

Politics aside, Alexander McQueen SS17 is wrought with opulence. It is a collection of pieces that takes us on a journey from 1960’s London, through a safari, and onto an exotic world that is centuries old.

Unable to properly present the collection due to its Creative Director, Sarah Burton, taking maternity leave, McQueen released the above photos. It will be incredibly exciting to eventually see the pieces in person since they are so rich in details. In their own words:

Zardozi embroideries of metal and sequin are hand-stitched along the borders and cuffs of silk velvet tunics and ceremonial coats. The sunflower, a symbolic motif of the 60s, has been reinterpreted in an 18th century style. The signature floral of the collection, it comes as a metallic jacquard or embroidered in gold in the front panels and sleeves of jackets and coats. Distressed Breton and tiger striped lightweight knits, djellabas and blousons evoke the casual style of the McQueen handwriting.

Not nearly as gothic as we usually expect from McQueen, even as the collection does includes accessories similar to what we’ve seen from them before – specifically, the facial jewlery much like the safety pins we saw in their AW16 collection. And there is certainly classic dark tones all throughout that McQueen wouldn’t be, well, so McQueen without. Sarah Burton continues to excite us as she conveys the aura that it’s founder left years ago, by bringing her own ingenuity and creativity to the line. It’s a tight rope that many would have a difficult time balancing themselves on, yet she does it with ease.


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