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The news that Danny Boyle is soon to release the sequel to Trainspotting brings back old memories. In the U.S. during the late 90’s, after grunge had begun to die down, came the sudden explosion of Cool Britannia and it was inescapable.

HBO has just released the trailer for an original documentary based on the life of legendary New York photographer, Robert Mapplethorpe titled Mapplethorpe: Look At The Pictures. The documentary is scheduled to premiere on the premium cable network on April 4th 2016.

Argentinian Film Director Gaspar Noé, whose repertoire includes some of the most visually arresting movies of the last few decades, including Irreversible and Enter The Void, returns with another blazing film simply titled Love, an X-Rated 3-D provocation.

“The light poured through the windows upon his photographs and the poem of us sitting together a last time. Robert dying: creating silence. Myself, destined to live, listening closely to a silence that would take a lifetime to express.” ― Patti Smith, Just Kids

Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, ann intimate documentary by Brett Morgen which premiered at the Sundance Film festival to critical acclaim is up for theatrical debuts in Seattle, Los Angeles and New York City just before the film's official release, May 4th on HBO and a DVD release in November.

No Cameras Allowed, a documentary by James Marcus Haney about his very carpe diem lifestyle in chasing his dream of photographing his favorite musicians, debuted yesterday at The Wiltern in Los Angeles.

24 hours in the life of Australian musician and cultural icon Nick Cave, who could ask for anything more?