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Already blessed by the likes of Sam Smith, the East London singer-songwriter Cherie Jones is steadily winning hearts over with her musical gems, or as Smith described them, “fucking beautiful.”

As you get old you romanticize about being young, when you’re young all you can do is fall into multiple

Brisbane native Eves The Behavior, a.k.a. Hannah Karydas, is steadily on the rise. After the release of her singles "TV" and "Electrical," she has toured through Europe, has supported artist Sky Ferreira on her Australian tour, earlier this year she played at Laneway Festival and very recently she took the stage at Splendour In The Grass.

London based singer-songwriter and fashion designer I Am Harlequin, whose real name is Anne Freier, maybe one of the most ambitious new young artist around. The German-born multidisciplinary artist has been gaining massive support from music tastemakers across the UK after her first released, Wild One, which showcased her powerful voice and abilities to write lyrics with an equally powerful emotional punch.

One look at Lael Neale and it’s difficult not to compare her to a young Michelle Phillips, who on the peak of her fame embodied the dreamy spirit of the 60s in Los Angeles. Lael, too, has us California dreamin’. Although Lael was raised in Virginia, she now calls Los Angeles her home. And with her effortlessly cool, model-like looks and the breezy romantic music she writes and composes, she exemplifies the vibes of the always-sunny city of angels with ease. She makes it too easy to fall for her.

New approaches to old forms can only come from young people. They rebel almost instinctively once they hit their teenage years. And it is with this reactionary attitude to what is modern that pushes movements of art like music forward. But what happens if they go against what is current with something from the past?

Earlier this year machineheart, the LA based indiepop band, debuted their first original single – Circles. And after collaborating with Vitalic to spruce up the track, they surged straight to the top of hypemachine to the number #1 slot while hitting over a million plays on Soundcloud. But before the quick rise, the five piece assemble fronted by Stevie Scott, was already receiving wide attention for their infectious cover songs of bands and artists such as The 1975 to Katy Perry and Ms Mr.

For any music fan Manchester is the darkly romanticized city that seems frozen in the monochromatic Joy Division era of the late 70s - a poetic town that also birthed The Smiths, The Stone Roses, and Oasis and now comes to symbolize the iconography of early post-punk along with its subsequent clothing style of introspective art-student meets rebel child. To this day, Manchester continues to churn out bands in the same spirit. One of which is PINS.

The soul of rock and roll hasn't yet gone to rest, it's alive and well. Jon Tufnell and Kitty Arabella Austen together are Saint Agnes - a loud foot-stomping band from London that's intending to bring back the good old rebellious spirit of the West.

Formed only a few months ago and with just a small number of releases, LANY has won us over – first with their with their 80s-lush dance number ‘Hot Nights’ and now with their atmospheric pop ballad ‘ILYSB’. Their production is rich and romantic with glassy synths and the warmest of pads creating a sound that seduces our attention with much success.