Jacquemus S/S 2015 RTW

Jacquemus S/S 2015 RTW 4

The autodidactic young French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus tends to present his collections with the same attitude most have when they crash a party. His playfulness is celebrated by a crowd of young girls who see the world as their playground, designed just for them and whose attractiveness is only enhanced by their free spirited approach to Jacquemus’ clothing. And

At his Ready To Wear Spring/Summer 2015 beach-vacation-like presentation, the models walked down the runway wearing striped dresses (similar to what you’d expect on beach lounge chair) in vibrant colors that cover a thin bikini underneath. Aside from the cheeky dresses, there were lots of white and blue basics all paired with a clean white pair of Adidas. The only accessory present was a glee of pure cheerfulness on each of the girls.

Seems like critics have all pointed out the lack of formal training Jacquemus has and then they jump with a delightful surprise at his creative ambitions that he executes so well, as if creativity can only be taught at an elite school. Perhaps this says something about educated biases in fashion and maybe even into other broader forms of art and academia, and if that is the case then maybe this sometimes-pompous world is worth crashing. Let’s be clear, Jacquemus is not benefiting from low expectations, he’s designing fun outfits for the always curious girl who is willing to go her own route and explore without restraints, and he’s doing a fine job at it.

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