Jeffrey Rüdes S/S 2016

Jeffrey Rüdes S/S 2016 1

Two years ago Jeffrey Rudes sold the majority of his share of J Brand, the L.A. based men’s and women’s denim brand he co-founded in 2004. J Brand quickly took the lead in premium denim wear in an already saturated market while reinforcing L.A.’s dominant denim culture.

He’s now reintroducing himself with his own eponymous line. Still based in L.A., the brand also has a design team in Italy. However, this time, denim is not the center of attention nor is he offering items for women, at least not yet. Instead Jeffrey has his focus set on men’s jackets with a clean, opulent collection and accessories to enhance them. If luxury was his aim, he’s hit the target right on the center. Elegant, well-tailored jackets in five separate, distinct shapes, with each implementing a different shade of masculinity.  Jeffrey Rude’s new broader line is certainly a welcome brand that will soon be in the same trajectory as his previous venture.

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