John Galliano F/W 2014

John Galliano F/W 2014 32

Galliano’s creative director, Bill Gaytten, took note of the increase in runners across Paris and decided to dress them a little better. The British designer took on activewear head-on with a collection was created for those who were constantly on the move no matter the weather.

Leather jackets and tailored blazers were reminiscent of rain coats and outerwear meant for athletic comfort. Windbreakers and tunics were in satin. Sweaters and jackets with nylon drawstrings were especially reminiscent of track jackets meant to lock heat in despite the circumstance. Knit leggings and geometric inspired prints meshed perfectly with each look while long shirts in the style of rainy weather ponchos. Notable also, was the dress-shoe/running-shoe hybrid paired with each look which may make even the fastest runner at the track a little jealous.


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