John Lawrence Sullivan is a brand named after a man of the same name from Massachusetts. Also known as Boston Strong Boy, in the late 1800’s, Sullivan was the last heavyweight champion of bare-knuckle boxing, and the first heavy-weight champion of gloved boxing.

Designer Arashi Yanagawa created the brand for his work to embody the same traits that John Lawrence Sullivan himself exhibited.

For Yanagawa’s F/W 2014 offering, 1960’s British youth inspired looks, relaxed in form, were presented using plaid patterns and bold color schemes with subtle but obvious Mod references. Chic suits, high-waisted trousers and pajama shirts, were shown along side metallic fabrics and coats that would fit perfectly on the set of Mad Men.

Obvious then, that while the collection itself was designed for comfort, it exuded everything that John Lawrence Sullivan himself embodied: undeniable and classic.