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Previously Unreleased Nirvana Songs

Seven, yes SEVEN, unreleased Nirvana has songs have finally been released, all of which were recorded at Pachyderm Studios on 15th February 1993.

  1. Dumb
  2. Dumb – only instrumental
  3. Dave solo
  4. Marigold – this is instrumental / perhaps Kurt on drums
  5. Marigold – this is instrumental
  6. Marigold – this is the version with the cello
  7. Lullaby – this is instrumental / perhaps Kurt on drums

All written by David Grohl. Two songs, instrumentals, had never been heard before while the others are different versions from the album releases. The recording were found by a fan who bought the reel off of eBay.


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Hernan Q. is the managing editor and a co-founder of ASTHTC. From Los Angeles but currently in Boston, his love for literature and fashion mesh well to create a unique point of view.

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