Saint Laurent Women’s and Men’s Psych Rock Collection

Saint Laurent Women's and Men's Psych Rock Collection 58

We saw Hedi over the summer enjoying a music festival in the middle of no where with a camera in hand. Known to be one hell of a music fan, we only presumed he was checking out the music scene. As it turns out, around the same time he was also shooting for his Spring/Summer 2015 Psych Rock collection.

Somewhere in Connecticut a few guys who were street-cast (perfectly might we add), and models Harleth Kuusik and Madison Louise Stubbington joined Slimane in a countryside setting giving an already 1970’s flower-child reminiscent collection a little Woodstock environment. If you saw these photos out of context, you’d think to presume these were from the era when Jim Morrison ruled the world but it calls to mind the ever changing desire of today’s young fashion savants who look to the legends of the past for looks that Hedi has already mastered for the future.

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