The Return of Yves Saint Laurent Couture

The Return of Yves Saint Laurent Couture 1

Saint Laurent Paris has debuted the campaign for their semi-exclusive Yves Saint Laurent Couture ivory silk label.

The line, which was presumed to have been on the path of return after the three year renovation of the new couture house at 24 de L’université previously existed at the original couture house at 5, Avenue Marceau, which now serves as home to the Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent Foundation.

The couture house named ‘Hôtel de Sénecterre’ was originally built by architect Thomas Gobert, the building planner for the former King of France, Louis XIV with the staircase being built under the direction of Louis XV.

Exclusivity being the key factor, the couture offerings will not appear on the Paris couture schedule but will appear in a monochromatic ad campaign shot by Hedi Slimane himself featuring Slimane’s personal collection of ensemble furniture from 1930’s designer Elizabeth Eyre de Lanux as well as pieces from Jean-Michel Frank, Paul Dupré-Lafon, Francis Jourdain, Pierre Legrain, Louis Sognot, Rateau and Dunand.

Access will be provided strictly ‘for friends of the house’ and the entirety of the collection can be for men or women as daywear or evening wear. Slimane himself is the deciding factor per order approval and each order will be recorded in a ‘Monogram House Couture book held by the premier d’atelier flou.’

Those who do gain Slimane’s approval and access to the semi-exclusive atelier which now serves as the center of the Saint Laurent Project will have a stunning selection to choose from including stunning strapless chiffon gowns, silk dresses and suits all hand made to order.

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