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Artist Mike Mitchell’s “?45” Design

Artist Mike Mitchell’s “?45” Design

Austin Artist Mike Mitchell has created one of his best works yet — and it is now going viral all over the world.

Mitchell’s “?45” design says all there is and just enough after the wake of the tragic events in Charlottesville and the murder of paralegal and activist Heather Heyer by a cowardly white supremacist.

While the artwork itself was created before the events of Charlottesville, it has since found a second life with twice as much meaning. ”The second I saw a “45” on Trump’s USA hat, I wanted to find a way to ruin it. He’s beneath the honor,“ he told

While he is allowing the artwork available for personal use (signs, shirts, buttons) he also has made the design for purchase available on his Threadless Artist Shop.

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The design itself reminiscent of anti-Nazi designs of years past, last notably worn by Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic (hand painted by Matt Lukin of The Melvins and Mudhoney) in protest of the wear of Nazi propaganda by a handful of punk rockers in the early 80’s.

Krist’s shirt is on semi-permanent display as part of the Nirvana exhibition at the  EMP Museum in Seattle, Washington.

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