Get To Know: Eves The Behavior 2

Get To Know: Eves The Behavior


Brisbane native Eves The Behavior, a.k.a. Hannah Karydas, is steadily on the rise. After the release of her singles “TV” and “Electrical,” she has toured through Europe, has supported artist Sky Ferreira on her Australian tour, earlier this year she played at Laneway Festival and very recently she took the stage at Splendour In The Grass.

Karydas has now just released her debut self-titled E.P. out on Island Records/Dew Process which includes a remix by Stella Mozgawa of WARPAINT. Her latest single “Digging” is also produced by Stella Mozgawa as well as by Sam Dixon who has produced for the likes of Sia and Adele. Getting these big names to work with you is not bad for someone who just turned 21 years old.

Karydas experiences synesthesia, a condition where one sense stimulates another, in her case, her mind associates music with colors. Karydas uses this to her benefit, creating beautifully texturized electronic music, complemented by a voice that’s ethereal and bright, allowing us to see what she hears.

The young artist was gracious enough to answer a few questions for us.

Where does your artist name come from?

My middle name is Evyenia – its a Greek name, one that runs in my family. Eves came from that, and “behavior” was a word I liked the look of, and the connotations of.

Who are your influences?

Some of my favourite wordsmiths…. Joni Mitchell, Patti Smith, PJ Harvey, Beck, Kate Bush, the author Joan Didion, just to name a few…

When did you realize your singing talents were something special?

Im not sure I look at myself that way – its always something I’ve done as second nature and perhaps as a young teenager I was irresponsibly idealistic enough to act on it.

How does synesthesia affect your music?

It really helps with cohesion! I like creating bodies of work within the same colour palette.

How does your creative process work?

 Its a long winded, unexplainable beast. I like to look at a song as ‘compressed time’, and then try to unfold it – the sheer number of incidents, feelings, little words scrawled on the back of receipts… all of that turns itself into a song, one day…

Who did you work with in your EP?

A bunch of people, all over… Stella Mozgawa from Warpaint plays drums on Digging, which also features our friend Samuel Dixon. Adam Spark is my dear friend in Sydney who I worked with on Electrical and TV. Eric J is in there too, also Sydney-based. I work mostly through Abelton in my bedroom/hotel room/airplane seat, so its fun to then go in to a studio for vocals and extra hands on production work.

You’re at the beginning stage of your career but you’ve accomplished so much already. What have been some of the best moments thus far?

I just played to a full tent at Splendour in the Grass! Still pinching myself…That is the biggest crowd I’ve ever played.

What’s next?  

I’ve been travelling around on my own for about 3 months now, learning my trade. I feel like an apprentice, Im constantly peeling back my own layers and growing, getting better at what I do. Im working on my first record. Im living in London for a while. Making friends. Trying to have an extraordinary time, you know?! 🙂


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