Get To Know: Bradley Soileau 2

Get To Know: Bradley Soileau


Bradley Soileau, the down to earth and well inked male model, has become a bit of a fashion magnet and all around inner circle figure the past couple of years…
Get To Know: Bradley Soileau 2
Photograph by Julian Schratter

He’s appeared in countless magazine editorials, look books, and music videos – most notably playing Lana Del Rey’s love interest in three of her videos: “Born to Die,” “Blue Jeans,” and most recently “West Coast.” From being a mysterious online (think tumblr) fixture, to a ubiquitous influencer, he’s been able to quickly gathered a large following of loyal-crazed fans, one of which created a Bradley blanket – see it for yourself.

Photos courtesy of Dexter Navy which were used for the Left Show Company campaign. 

Born in Louisiana, he was eventually discovered in New York and now calls Los Angeles home. His recognizable image has become highly associated with the emerging fashion scene in L.A., and working at the influential 424 on Fairfax shop has made him a creative player in shaping the style of the city. The young street dapper was gracious enough to have a small chat with The SSFW to tell us more about himself, twitter rants, his style, and what to expect from him.

You’ve lived in several different cities, which one do you call home?

As of right now, Los Angeles, but that’s temporary

You started your modeling career in NY, what made you move to LA?

I caught a bad case of mental retardation and got married. Move to L.A. cause the chick lived here, now I’m divorced and free to leave.

How did you end up working for 424 on Fairfax?

Jerry Lorenzo launched Fear of God there and had a party and I was the dj, so after my set I had a little talk with Guillermo and started working there shortly after.

What is it about your look that you think fits Lana Del Rey’s mystique?

It’s something to do with her ex. I think that’s what it started off as, I’m not really sure. It’s all somewhat mysterious, as it should be.

How was working with Vincent Haycock on this last video? Which by the way, he directed one of my favorite video of last year – Raffertie’s Build Me Up.

Vincent is a rad dude. He’s got a great aesthetic and he directed a great video. He has a rad vision.

Do you have any future plans on acting?

Yes!  I would love I get cast as the bad guy in some tv shows or films. So I’m starting to get my toes wet with classes and learning about it.

What usually sparks these rants is seeing some bullshit. Seeing someone knock someone’s idea off or seeing someone claim they’re the king of something or they started something they didn’t. Also sometimes just the stress and anxiety I try to stomach from being a creative person who doesn’t have the funds to be involved in the creative things said human wants to be involved in. I try to keep it real. I think people listen. I like to give them a real perspective. A perspective from someone who has nothing to gain or lose from going off on a tangent rant. There’s a lot of professional opinion and truth in my rants, hopefully as my following grows more people will see that and act accordingly.

What does style mean to you?

Style to me?!  My idea of style is ever changing. I personally like to wear black white or grey. But as I grow and become more bold I like to throw some colors in there and stand out a little. But style is really whatever you want it to be.


Style isn’t scared, can’t be boxed in and is basically a free bird. People with real style wear clothes, any kind of clothes, and wear them well and look good in them and stand out. Style is being able to pick something up at walmart and throwing that on and still killing the game.

Favorite designers at the moment?

Boris Bidjan Saberi, Jun Takahashi, UNDERCOVER, Sasquatch Fabrix, Julius, Thom Browne, Siki Im, Second Layer to name a few.

What are you currently listening to?


What’s up next for you?

I actually can’t say. I can’t tell any of these copycats my next moves. But you can catch me in Europe for show season. After that just follow me on twitter and Instagram @brvdleysoileau to find out.


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