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Get To Know: machineheart

Get To Know: machineheart

Get To Know: machineheart 1

Earlier this year machineheart, the LA-based indie-pop band, debuted their first original single – Circles. And after collaborating with Vitalic to spruce up the track, they surged straight to the top of the hype machine to the number #1 slot while hitting over a million plays on Soundcloud. But before the quick rise, the five-piece assemble fronted by Stevie Scott, was already receiving wide attention for their infectious cover songs of bands and artists such as 1975 to Katy Perry and Ms. Mr.

Although Summer has ended, their music has the romanticism of a never-ending sunny day that makes us want to take a drive to the beach all over again. Curious about the band, we asked Stevie a few questions.

Tell us a brief history of how the band formed?

It was quite random how we came together but we met a couple of years ago while the Trevor, Jake, Carman, and Harry were working on another project. We ended up writing together & the songs that came from that were completely different than what any of us had done in the past. So we started machineheart. Its really exciting to see what happens when you combine the style, taste, and creativity of five individuals. Its a unique process every time we write but our sound is the consistent piece to the puzzle, it always sounds like “us” by the time we’re finished with it.

How would you describe your sound?


Congratulations by the way – you hit over a million plays on Soundcloud as well as being #1 on Hype Machine for Circles. How does it feel?

Flattering would probably be the best word. You never know how people will react to a song. Obviously, we all hope that people will love it or it will make them feel something but it’s very cool to see the numbers and know that people really are enjoying listening to Circles.

How did the collaboration with Vanic come about?

The original version of Circles had climbed to the top of Hype Machine a couple of weeks prior and Vanic first heard it there. He asked if we’d be open to doing a collaboration, which we were definitely game for, and that’s how the machineheart x Vanic version happened.

You were doing several covers before – how do you select what song to cover and will you be doing anymore?

Covers are always fun because people are already very familiar with the song itself so we as a band are able to put our own twist on it & give it a fresh perspective. As much as we enjoyed them, we are much more enjoying doing our own songs. It’s where we’re able to be truly creative and free. It’s amazing how others’ music can really spark inspiration. That’s our hope with our music, that it’ll spark others into creativity & inspiration. And hopefully, the cycle continues & we’ll get to hear people doing covers of machineheart songs.

Get To Know: machineheart 2You were modeling before – how did you start and where’s your modeling career now?

Honestly, I just kind of fell into it! I’ve always been working on music but modeling came along while living in LA. I’m just grateful that I get to make a living being creative & doing what I love to do, whether that’s in music or fashion or photos or art. Modeling was just another way to do that while I had some free time in between studio sessions and rehearsals with the band. It’s a fun outlet to have outside of music. And actually, I find that fashion consistently goes hand in hand with music. I think all of us in machineheart hope to break ground in the world of art and creativity. Making music isn’t only writing songs for the ears. It’s also creating visuals the eyes, fires for the mind and feelings for the heart.

What are you currently working on- anything we can expect soon?

We have a few music videos that we’ve been working on in the last couple of months. Getting ready to share those soon. We’ve also been in and out of the studio with our producer and we are definitely looking forward to releasing more music. We’re all a little antsy to do that but trying to be patient in the meantime. We’ve been writing up a storm so we have tons of songs to choose from but we’ll probably start with an EP & work our way into a full album for next year.


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