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Get To Know: PINS

Get To Know: PINS

For any music fan Manchester is the darkly romanticized city that seems frozen in the monochromatic Joy Division era of the late 70s – a poetic town that also birthed The Smiths, The Stone Roses, and Oasis and now comes to symbolize the iconography of early post-punk along with its subsequent clothing style of introspective art-student meets rebel child. To this day, Manchester continues to churn out bands in the same spirit. One of which is PINS.

Photo by Matias Corral

They are a four-piece band who quickly dismisses the pressure of representing the musical history of their city by simply focusing on staying true to themselves – a ruckus, energetic group with femme fatale vigor. Last year they released their first LP, Girls Like Us, followed by extensively touring throughout the UK and The US, playing at various top music festivals. Their sound is as effortlessly cool as their own natural sense of style, with an attitude true to their regional roots.

They are now working on their second LP. With summer ending, we look forward to once again sporting our jackets and having PINS as our soundtrack going into the gloomy days of Fall.

They were gracious enough to have a chat with us.

Summer is winding down – how was it for you?

Faith: Just so busy, we have some tracks coming out this Autumn so we recorded that whilst simultaneously finishing up writing the next LP, We have a little make-shift studio in our tiny practice space so we spent a lot of time cooped up in their making demos. We played a bunch of festivals too, it gave us chance to try out some of the new material, it’s been fun but I’m looking forward to winter.

Lois: Yeah we spent alot of it in a tiny dark room, it just came and went. We played a few festivals too, which is one of the best things about summer..

Can you give us a break down of who is in the band?

Faith: Sure, I’m Faith and I sing and play the guitar in PINS, Lois plays guitar, Anna plays bass and Sophie bangs the drums – they all sing too.

How does the creative process work with four members – is there a lot of experimentation or do you already have a specific sound in mind?

Faith: I think we are at our most experimental point right now, the new record has taken so many turns, I couldn’t say which direction we are going in, it’s fun and exciting and I feel fearless.

Lois: We’re definitely more confident in just seeing what happens, and trying extra stuff out when we play together – we’re pushing ourselves to try new sounds and maybe stuff that we never got round to trying before. I dont think we’ve ever tried to have a specific sound – we just like to play what we like to listen to and that changes depending what day it is.

You’re from Manchester, do you ever feel any pressure from the music history that’s come out of that city?

Faith: No, never.

What’s the first album you remember falling in love with?

Faith: My brother had Definitely Maybe on CD, i stole it and copied it to cassette tape. It was the first rock n roll music that i ever heard.

Lois: My very first one was The great escape by Blur, but the one that probably had more influence was Dookie by Greenday – that was the reason I started playing guitar.

With a name like PINS, your own label named Haus of Pins, and all of you have an effortless cool style – are there any idols you model yourself after?

Faith: Thanks, the name PINS was suggested by a friend, they said like ‘pins and needles’ or something and we thought, how about just PINS.. and then Haus Of Pins spawned from that – Im happy with our band name, but we can’t take full credit for it. People always say we look 80’s or 90’s or they say Siouxsie Sioux or Joan Jett, but god knows.. most the clothes I wear don’t even belong to me, right now I’m wearing my husbands t-shirt as a dress..

What is your favorite decade?

Faith: I’d love to go to the 1920’s and get messed up.

Lois: Ah, I’ve gotta pick the 20’s too… love the style, and the dancing and parties… however, I reckon I’d have been more at home in the 60’s. I know it’s probably romantic nostalgia but it seems like such an exciting time..

You’re currently working on your second LP – what can we expect and when will it be released?

Faith: We don’t have a release date yet, maybe late spring next year. This is the first time we will be working with a producer, we’re doing it in the US too, I don’t know what to expect myself yet at this stage – It’s happening in October though.

Lois: Colour.

What’s next for this year?

Faith: We have a special release coming out at the end of this month.

Lois: We’ll also be doing a tour of the West coast in America, and then heading over to New York for CMJ too…

For more information on PINS be sure to visit their website for new releases and tour dates.

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