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Get To Know: Saint Agnes

Get To Know: Saint Agnes

The soul of rock and roll hasn’t yet gone to rest, it’s alive and well. Jon Tufnell and Kitty Arabella Austen together are Saint Agnes – a loud foot-stomping band from London that’s intending to bring back the good old rebellious spirit of the West.

Formed by their mutual love for the same kind of sweaty, filthy music they make now, the duo makes noise without much restraint – a no-holds-barred approach that’s as rock as it gets and with a look that’s just as fitting.

They recently released a music video directed by Fiona Garden for their single Old Bone Rattle released on Energy Snake Records.

Eager to know more about the two members, ASTHTC asked Jon and Kitty a few questions…

Can you tell us how the two of you formed Saint Agnes?

We met at a show playing in our other bands and realized right away we shared a love blues and rock n’ roll. We wanted to have a vehicle for playing music free of the constraints so many bands seem to impose on themselves, so if we wanted a guitar solo or huge Hammond organ funeral march then we’d play it and not worry about if it was ‘right’ or going to be too long to be played on the radio. We worked on a demo in Kitty’s tiny flat in Stratford and the sound just seemed to form itself when we played together and Saint Agnes was born.

How would you describe your sound?

Imagine Jim Morrison leading Black Rebel Motorcycle Club into the desert… Or Ennio Morricone writing the score for a remake of Easy Rider… Quentin Tarantino’s wet dream. Songs to love or die to.

Who are you influenced by?

Each other.

Do you guys remember the first record that made you fall in love with music?

Kitty: The Shangri La’s – Leader of the Pack

Jon: Eddie Cochran – Summertime Blues

How does your creative process work?

We play each other ideas, riffs, and melodies, and very quickly decide if something is usable. If we both feel excited by the idea we go with it and write very quickly. Overthinking is the enemy of creativity and your decisions start to be made by your head and not your heart. Music should be as close to spontaneous as possible.

We like your style – would you say fashion is important to you?

Style yes, fashion no.

What’s next?

We’re releasing our second single in September through Energy Snake Records with a release show on the 12th at Chat’s Palace in East London. The release is going to be a double a-side with the songs “A Beautiful Day For Murder” and “Where The Lightning Strikes”. One is dark and dramatic, the other is a blues harmonica rock n’ roll stomp. There’ll be videos for both songs and as usual we’re keeping everything in-house. The music is self-recorded, produced and mixed and even the videos are going to be made by us. Saint Agnes is the patron saint of chastity and purity and we chose the name to reflect our passion for creating music that is as unadulterated as possible. Its just us all the way and that’s how we like it.

Visit Saint Agnes at for updates on new music and tour dates.

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