“And it was so magnificent when we had it all…”


Emile Haynie who was best known until maybe now for his work with Kanye West, Lana Del Rey and many more. All that has changed with the release of his first ever solo track titled “A Kiss Goodbye” featuring one of the more brilliant collaborative line up’s we’ve seen lately: actress and musician Charlotte Gainsbourg, Blood Orange’s Devonte Hynes and British singer Sampha.

Released on the website www.we-fall.com, the emotionally stirring piano-driven ballad is seemingly two sides of a break-up, starting with Charlotte asking “Where did I go wrong? Because tomorrow is gone before the dawn..” and ends with Sampha asking another poignant question: “Did it ever occur that you forgave yourself before I could?”

While there is no further detail on any future releases from Emile or those he collaborated with for this track, according to Miss Info, “…the future looks quite bright for those who love music about the darkest moments.”