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Listen: GoldLink’s “Celebration (Freestyle)”

Listen: GoldLink’s “Celebration (Freestyle)”

Listen: GoldLink's “Celebration (Freestyle)”

Using Kaytranada’s “A loser’s Celebration,” the D.C. rapper, GoldLink, delivers some wild rhymes over and already crazy beat by one of the finest it-producers from Los Angeles (who by the way, just released one of the best albums this year).

In “Celebration (Freestyle)”, GoldLink is simply showing off his ability to let loose and have fun. And why not? It’s his birthday he’s celebrating after all.

He is by far one of our favorite, freshest rap artist. His early mixtape, “The God Complex,” and debut album, “And After That, We Didn’t Talk,” have yet to lose their taste. We’re expecting big things from this now 23 year old. He is just coming off a U.S. tour. Hopefully he remains busy.

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