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Listen: Marching Church’s Christmas on Earth

Listen: Marching Church’s Christmas on Earth

A different kind of carol comes from Copenhagen’s Marching Church. According to lead singer Elias Bender Rønnenfelt…

“Christmas On Earth is a carol about parental kidnapping. Offering no background story to clarify the motives, we journey through the racing mind of a father in the midst of the disquieting act of having abducted his own children.”

A stunningly melancholic holiday track featuring a gorgeous sax solo is otherwise bereft of the joy one often ties to Christmas music, Rønnenfelt belts out about the pain that Christmas can bring to those in situations where they can’t be with family and the cold reality that the holidays does in fact not bring everyone joy; “She’s worried sick, of course she is But I had to see them on Christmas day.”

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Christmas on Earth 7″ is available now via Sacred Bones.

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