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Saint Laurent Paris at The Palladium

Saint Laurent Paris at The Palladium

It’s been ten years since Hedi Slimane, the Cretive Director of Saint Laurent, began his photo series simply titled “Hedi Slimane Diary.”

His stark monochromatic photographs place music and the culture that surrounds it at the forefront; from the early Brit rock acts at the turn of the century to the present sunlit bands of Southern California, Slimane has photographed the most iconic, naturally striking and fashion-savvy musicians of the past ten years, this includes Pete Doherty, Amy Winehouse, and Christopher Owens, as well as some legends such as Kim Gordon, Marilyn Manson and the late Lou Reed. Both as a designer and photographer, Slimane has captured the spirit of music’s attitude that is both rebellious and romantic, and one that could never live without its own equivalent apparel. In his own right, Slimane is much like his subjects, a defiant designer with a rock-like-persona whose own idiosyncrasy generates reverence and excitement.

Since his move to L.A. in 2008, Los Angeles has played Slimane’s backdrop and has provided him the opportunity to immerse himself in to the depths of the city’s music obsession. In 2011, The Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art hosted an exhibition showcasing his work. And now, Slimane gives his current hometown another favor.

To celebrate the ten-year anniversary of his photo diary, Saint Laurent Fall 2016 Men and Women Part 1 will be presented at the historic Palladium in Hollywood on February 10th. The show will coincide with the Grammy Music Awards being held the same week.

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And as tradition goes, the City of Lights will have its own show. Saint Laurent Fall 2016 Women Part 2 will be presented in Paris on March 7th.


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