Sotheby's S|2 Partners With Drake 1

Sotheby’s S|2 Partners With Drake


Fresh off of the surprise mixtape release on iTunes and a tour leg in Australia, Drake is working with the illustrious auction house Sotheby’s to create a soundtrack for an exhibition of contemporary work by black American artists.

Sotheby's S|2 Partners With Drake 2
Nick Cave, Soundsuit (NC09.088), 2009

Sotheby’s, who calls Drake one of the “foremost cultural tastemakers,” will open the sale at S|2, the gallery arm of Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Department at New York headquarters from April 28th to June 12th.

Alexander Rotter, Co-Head of Sotheby’s Worldwide Contemporary Art Department said in a statement “We are thrilled to be working with Drake, one of the most exciting, innovative, and successful musicians working today. At a time of unparalleled collaboration between performing and visual artists, Drake will bring to S|2 his keen understanding of today’s defining zeitgeist and how it speaks to the rich heritage of American culture.”

According to the New York Times, artists who’s work will be featured during the roughly month and a half long auction are: Nick Cave, Rashid Johnson, Glenn Ligon, Kara Walker, Wangechi Mutu and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Drake’s music choices per artist would be available at select listening stations within the Sotheby’s gallery.

Drake’s collaboration with Sotheby’s was created through a “personal connection within Sotheby’s contemporary art department” and “he is not being paid.”

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