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Watch: Angel Olsen’s “Waving, Smiling” Live at the Masonic Temple

Watch: Angel Olsen’s “Waving, Smiling” Live at the Masonic Temple

“‘Waving, Smiling’ in my head is the last scene, a slow-motion realisation of love not lost but at peace somewhere within myself. It’s the bittersweet end of a chapter of my life – it is the final acceptance that despite coming to an end all of that time was not lost or wasted.” – Angel Olson

In ‘Waving, Smiling’ the amazing Angel Olson is able to find the beautiful balance in crying through song. The acceptance of the end of a relationship is a hard truth many of us refuse to face despite the promise of something better and Angel is able to depict the slow walk towards that ‘something better’ on this haunting track with a guitar line that perfectly captures the progression from pain back to hope with, Angel finding her way to the end of the song with “..the sun is shining.”

“Waving, Smiling” was shot by Ashley Connor at Asheville, North Carolina’s Masonic Temple. Below you can also see Angel Olsen and Hand Habits beautiful Tom Petty cover of “Walls.”

Angel Olsen’s album Whole New Mess drops on the 28th of this month via Jagjaguwar.

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