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Watch: Lust For Youth’s “New Boys”

Watch: Lust For Youth’s “New Boys”

Sweden’s own Lust For Youth has premiered the video for their track “New Boys,” off of their ‘International’ LP released earlier this year via Sacred Bones Records.

Directed by Frederik Valentin and featuring his little brother, he was inspired by capturing the essence of adolescence, the spirit of youth long lost to most adults. He notes:

“For the narcotic summer vibe tune “New Boys” I saw no other option than making a video featuring my 11-year-old kid brother, presenting the Danish nature and the innocent beauty of his adolescence. To do so my brother and I spent our first vacation together. On our way, we filmed at numerous locations all over Denmark. We traveled from the North Sea in Jutland, crossing the Island of Fuen and Kissendrup to finish back home at Seeland, Amager, outside the city of Copenhagen. We shot the sunset of Lohals, a small village with 468 inhabitants on the edge of Langeland. The light during the sunset is a Mecca and a well-known secret by Scandinavian landscape painters, celebrated for its transcendent light and blissful atmosphere. No two sunsets ever appear to be the same.”

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LFY goes on tour this fall starting in September, be sure to catch them on the road:

Sep 12, 2014: Amsterdam, NL. @ Melkweg
Sep 19, 2014: Barcelona, ES. @ BAM Festival
Sep 20, 2014: Lisbon, PT . @ Galeria Ze Dos Bois
Sep 21, 2014: Porto, PT. @ Maus Habitos
Sep 23, 2014: Glasgow, SCT. @ Broadcast
Sep 24, 2014: Birmingham, UK . @ Alfie Birds
Sep 25, 2014: Dublin, IRE. @ Bello Bar
Sep 26, 2014: London, UK. @ The 100 Club
Sep 27, 2014: Manchester, UK. @ Soup Kitchen
Sep 28, 2014: Paris, FR. @ Point FMR
Sep 30, 2014: Rennes, FR. @ Mondo Bizarro
Oct 1, 2014: Marseille, FR. @ L’Embobineuse
Oct 3, 2014: Madrid, ES. @ VillaManuela Festival
Oct 4, 2014: Bordeaux, FR. @ Cafe Pompier
Oct 8, 2014: Lyon, FR. @ Le Sonic
Oct 9, 2014: Milan, IT. @ OHIBo
Oct 10, 2014: Rome, IT. @ Circolo degli Artisti
Oct 11, 2014: Padova, IT. @ Factory
Oct 14, 2014: Antwerp, BE. @ Het Bos
Oct 15, 2014: Kortrijk, BE. @ De Kreun
Oct 24, 2014: Vilnius, LT. @ Kablys
Oct 25, 2014: Durbe, LV. @ Zemlika Festival

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