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Watch: Yanis’ “Hypnotized”

Watch: Yanis’ “Hypnotized”

“Every single dance move in this video happened under hypnosis”.

As an intriguing warning, producer Yanis initiates his debut video Hypnotized with these words. A Parisian singer, the 26-year old artist unveils his very first video on Nowness, directed by Ludovic Zuili.

Under the control of hypnotist Julian, Yanis and the participants – including actors Charlotte Le Bon and Ruben Alves – give bodies and souls to exquisite and celestial dance moves. In Hypnotized, tangible bodies loosen to the beat, their eyes closing along with the rhythm of dance music.

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A David Lynch inspired music video, Hypnotized beguiles viewers and listeners, toying with the thin line between freedom and control, dream and reality.

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